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Do Away With the Drama of Daily Decisions

daily decisions

Recently, the idea of professional women adopting a work uniform has been featured in the media, and I found the idea intriguing. It is acceptable for men to wear the same outfit each day (as proven by this guy), freeing up their mental energies for more important tasks. While I have not gone so far as to adopt this practice, I have experimented with creating a capsule wardrobe, which is a limited number of mixable-and-matchable clothes to be worn exclusively for a single season. I’ve found getting dressed is much easier with fewer items to choose from, and that got me thinking about how this practice can be adapted to other areas of my life. Think about the decisions you have to make every day and which ones can be put on autopilot. What about meal planning? Maybe your breakfast and lunch can be the same every day, or you can create a schedule for dinners that rotates each week. If you travel regularly try creating a packing list of every item you need to bring, including clothing. These solutions require some work up front as you develop the system, but will save you time and energy down the line.

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