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How to Find the Time to Get Organized

make time

One of the biggest hurdles we all face in getting organized is not having enough time. We know we should sort the mail as soon as we get home, clean up the kitchen right after dinner, and stick to a regular cleaning schedule. But all of these things take time, and often we feel like we are just running from one task to the next. Take a step back and think about how efficiently you use your time. Are there ways you can automate regular tasks, or make them easier to complete? I have one bill, for example – my rent – that cannot be paid online. I got sick of writing out that envelope every month, so I printed a sheet of labels addressed to my rental office. Now I just stick the label on and it’s ready to go! Another favorite time saving tip I use is to create “kits” for frequent tasks. Some examples are: ingredients for a recipe you make each week that are stored together in a cabinet; tools needed for a regular maintenance task you do each month kept in a caddy; or cleaning products stored in a bucket that can be easily carried from room to room. Would you be more likely to keep the upstairs bathroom clean if you had a set of supplies on the second floor? Think about the things you do over and over, and brainstorm ways to automate the process, or at least eliminate some of the steps.

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