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How to Decorate a Bedroom

decorate bedroom

Is your bedroom the most neglected room in the house? It’s easy to make it a serene place where you can unwind after a hectic day. Here are a few tips to make the most of this space, illustrated with some images from a recent project of mine:

blue bedroom walls

1. Choose a calming color – Color affects our mood and behavior, which is why fast food restaurants use vibrant, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow to stimulate your appetite and get you in and out quickly. When selecting a color for your bedroom, think the complete opposite of that: something calm and on the cool side of the spectrum. For this space I chose a soft grayish-blue to set a restful mood.

round bedside table

2. Keep surfaces clear – Of all places in your home, try to keep clutter to a minimum in the bedroom. It will make for a more relaxing space and you’ll fall asleep without being reminded of cleaning. A few well-placed accessories go a long way, and selecting bedside tables with drawers keeps your necessities close by but hidden away.

serene blue bedroom

3. Don’t go crazy with pillows – When I worked at a furniture store we had some display beds outfitted with 8-10 pillows! While that looks great in a store or a photo, it’s totally impractical for everyday use. Get some nice-looking cases for the pillows you actually use, arrange them symmetrically, and then add a single decorative pillow in the center.

sheer drapes in bedroom

4. Layer the window treatments – The bedroom is a perfect spot to use this layering technique on the windows: Select a light-blocking shade or blind to mount inside or just above the window frame, and then add decorative panels on each side. This provides light control and privacy, but also softness and decoration. In this space, wood blinds that are carried throughout the home were used along with a decorative metal rod and pretty semi-sheer panels to soften the look.

chair in bedroom

5. Include a spot to sit – Whether it’s a chair in the corner or a bench at the end of the bed, it’s helpful to have a spot to sit and put on shoes or set down laundry as you’re putting it away.

bedroom area rug

6. Consider an area rug – If you have hard flooring in the bedroom, a large area rug will make the space quieter and warmer. It’s also a great opportunity to add color and pattern without a lot of stuff. This room would be pretty boring without this gorgeous patterned rug that pulls together the cool blues of the décor with the warm wood trim and floor. Still need help creating a beautiful bedroom? Contact me – I can make it easy!

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