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Get Your Bathroom Spiffy With These Ideas

bathroom ideas

Thanksgiving is exactly one month from today (!), so why not get a head start on the season of entertaining and houseguests? Each week I will address a different space with tips for decluttering and decorating. Today I will be addressing the hardest-working room in the house: the bathroom. In any home it gets the most traffic per square foot. Make yours a pretty and efficient space with these ideas: 1. Purge your cabinets – Toiletries, cleaning products, and medications seem to enter the bathroom never to be seen again. Empty out the medicine cabinet, drawers, and the area under the sink completely. Dump any unused products, near-empty bottles, or expired medications. Wipe down all the interior surfaces and before you put everything back, do this… 2. Use containers to corral your stuff – Instead of just putting everything back, try adding organizers to your drawers and vanity to keep items separated. These don’t require any investment – you probably have some small boxes from checks, jewelry, or electronics that can be put to use in your drawers, and I simply use plastic buckets to keep cleaning supplies and hair products in place under the sink. 3. Clear the counters – This one is a major challenge for me! If you store lots of toiletries on the counter like I do, try keeping them in a bin that can easily be hidden away in a cabinet when not in use. You’ll be amazed at how clean and organized your bathroom will look with all the surfaces clear! 4. Freshen up the décor – Without tackling a major remodeling project you can give your bathroom a face-lift with new towels, shower curtain, and bath mat. Window coverings tend to get very dusty in this space, so take them down and clean or replace them. If you have curtains or a valance, try swapping them for a simple, moisture-friendly vinyl shade or blind for a clean look. Most bathrooms don’t have a lot of wall space, so changing the paint color is a quick project that has a big impact. Even just adding a fresh coat of white to the ceiling will brighten up the space!

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