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Make Your Dining Room Shine For the Holidays!

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Today I am tackling the dining room! If you have a formal dining room this may be one of the few times during the year that it gets used. Even if you don’t have a dedicated space, these tips can be applied to whatever area you use to serve meals and entertain. Make the most of your dining room with these ideas: 1. Remember the three-foot rule – Allow at least three feet between the edge of your table and the wall or any other furniture. This space is needed for chairs to be pulled out and people to sit comfortably. If you have an area rug under the table it should ideally extend three feet from the edge of the table on all sides to avoid getting the chairs stuck when being pulled out. 2. Place another surface within reach – It is very handy when entertaining to have a secondary surface nearby, like a buffet or console table, to place large serving plates and bowls. If you don’t have something like this, a rolling cart or small table can be brought in just for the occasion. 3. Keep visibility in mind – When entertaining at the table the interaction between your guests should take top priority. Remove any tall centerpieces or candlesticks and instead keep your tabletop décor low. A tablecloth or runner is a great way to add visual interest without obstructing anyone’s view. Make sure your light fixture doesn't interfere by keeping at least 30” from the top of the table to the base of the fixture. 4. Decorate vertically – Most dining rooms don’t have a lot of floor space to spare, so focus your decorating efforts on the walls, windows, and ceiling. Try a dramatic paint color or bold piece of art. Hang floor-to-ceiling drapes on the windows. And don’t forget the ceiling! An unexpected color or wallpaper there can make your dining room shine.

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