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Learn from Resolutions You Didn't Keep

learn from broken resolutions

Happy New Year! A year ago I wrote about making resolutions that stick and I am taking some time this week to review the ones I kept and the ones that fell by the wayside. Upon reflection here are a few things I learned: 1. Pinpoint one or two big goals – I set some lofty goals for myself in 2016, particularly in regards to my business. Looking at them now, I see that I vastly underestimated the time each one would take. This year, instead of trying to tackle a long list of big projects, I am going to focus on just two that I think will have the biggest impact. By setting goals that are realistic you can actually accomplish them and be motivated by your success. 2. Focus on daily/weekly routines – Setting a big goal for the year is great, but it requires regular work over a long period of time. The goals I kept last year were the ones I broke down into their smallest steps and scheduled into my days and weeks. Try this, and it will help you stay on track without getting overwhelmed. 3. Keep goals constantly visible – Last year I wrote down a list of small changes I wanted to make, but then barely looked at it. It’s no surprise I didn’t accomplish much from that list. Check in with your goals at least once a week as well as the reasons why you set them – that is what will keep you focused and moving forward.

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