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How to Limit Spending and Reduce Clutter

limit spending and reduce clutter

One of the biggest challenges to decluttering is managing the constant flow of new items into our homes. Reducing the amount of stuff we acquire makes it much easier to get organized and stay organized. If you struggle with constantly purchasing things you don’t need, here are some tips to help get your spending under control: 1. Let go of expectations – We often buy things in an attempt to become the person we think we should be. By accepting ourselves as we are, we can walk away from those items that don’t serve us. Be honest with yourself: are you a person who cooks gourmet meals? makes their own greeting cards? or does their own home improvement projects? If not, forgo the expensive cookware, craft supplies, and tools. 2. Avoid impulse purchases – Sometimes we have “trigger items” that we just can’t seem to resist buying. They are usually small things that are easy to justifying buying in the moment, such as magazines, cosmetics, or dollar store stuff. Try to avoid the stores or websites where you are most tempted, or give yourself a challenge to not buy those things for 30 days. Another idea is to calculate how much you’ve spent on your trigger items in the last year – it might be just the wake-up call you need! 3. Have a waiting period for bigger purchases – If you see something and feel you have to have it, give yourself some time to think it over. Wait two weeks or a month and see if you still want it. Often, we get excited about a new, shiny purchase but our interest fades over time.

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