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Simple Decorating Solutions with a Big Impact

simple decorating solutions

Are you feeling bored with your décor, but don’t want to do a major overhaul? There are some design solutions that can provide a big impact without requiring a lot of time and money. Here are some of my favorites: 1. Area rugs – Area rugs provide a great return on investment. You can inject a big dose of color and pattern into your space with just this one item. Choose a rug that contains all the colors used in your space to tie the elements together, and make sure it is big enough to allow at least the front feet of your furniture to sit on it. If you already have wall-to-wall carpeting, don’t be afraid of layering an area rug on top. 2. Large wall art – You don’t need to fill all your walls with artwork, but a couple large-scale pieces can create a focal point and inject new life into your space. Don’t limit yourself to framed prints; try a sculptural wall hanging made of wood, metal, or even textiles to add a dose of texture and interest to your room. 3. Window treatments – You might not have bothered with fabric window treatments if you already have shades or blinds, or if your room doesn’t require privacy or light control. But adding curtains or a valance to your windows has the surprising effect of “finishing” a space. Keep it simple with a curtain rod and fabric panels that are long enough to reach the floor. Hanging the rod above the window frame has an added benefit of making your ceilings feel higher! 4. Lighting – Are you relying on a single overhead light fixture, or that tired old floor lamp you’ve had for years? Adding multiple light sources in a room is an important step toward making it functional, and it also sets a warm and cozy mood. Add lighting at varying heights (ceiling, floor lamps, and table lamps) and with dimmers or 3-way bulbs for maximum flexibility.

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