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How to Keep Your Handbag Organized

organize purse

The bag you carry when you’re out of the house needs to be functional, but for many of us it’s a black hole of clutter. Think of your handbag as just another storage area for your stuff, and the rules that you would use to keep your closets and drawers tidy apply there as well. Here are some ways to keep your bag neat so you can actually find the stuff you need: 1. Downsize – Just like the size of your home, the size of your bag will determine how much stuff you keep. Whatever space we have available we tend to fill, so downsize your bag and you will be forced to prioritize what you really need to carry with you. 2. Divide it up – Use small pouches within your bag to categorize your items and keep them from getting lost. You might dedicate one to pharmacy items, one to makeup, and one to coupons and receipts. Select pouches that are different colors so they are easily identified. Here's a set that will get the job done:

see through pouches

3. Frequent use vs. occasional use – The items you grab for all the time should be very easy to access. If you have any pockets built in to the sides of your bag, they can be a good place to store necessities like your keys and phone. For the things you like to keep on hand but only use once in a while, such as band-aids or pain reliever, they can be stored in a pouch so you always know where to find them. 4. Have a spot for trash – Keep an empty ziplock bag or prescription bottle inside your bag to hold trash. Use it for those bits of paper, gum wrappers, and used tissues that seem to always collect in the bottom of your purse. 5. Make it easy to switch – If you like to swap out your handbags with your outfits, make it easy to do so with a purse organizer. It adds structure inside your bag and holds everything, so you can grab it all when you want to move it. I like this one from Amazon. It’s made of felt so it hardly adds any weight to your bag.

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