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What Travel Teaches Us About Getting Organized

organizing travel

I know how difficult it can be to find the motivation to get organized, and it is usually the last thing we want to do in our spare time. If only we could fast-forward to when the work of decluttering is over and we are enjoying the benefits! While none of us have a time machine we have all probably experienced living with just the essentials, because this is how we live when we travel. Most of us take vacations to relax, and even a quick weekend trip can help us feel rejuvenated. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you feel so carefree when you’re away from home? Of course it is a break from work and regular responsibilities, but it is also a break from all the things we own. When we travel we are forced to pare down to just the items that will fit in our luggage. We have to determine the essential clothing, toiletries, and electronics we will need for the duration of our trip. One of the reasons living out of a suitcase is freeing is that we get a temporary reprieve from the responsibility of maintaining a houseful of stuff. There is nothing to clean or store or maintain when you’re on vacation; you only have to worry about the items you are carrying. The second reason why we feel so relaxed while traveling is that much of the stress of daily decisions is removed. Selecting an outfit, toiletries, and makeup takes so much less time and energy because our options are limited to just what we have packed. Most of us make these choices very difficult in our daily lives because we have excessive options to pick from when we get ready every morning. No wonder we are exhausted before we even head out to work! Another lesson to be learned from travel has to do with decorating our homes. Most travel accommodations are very streamlined, and even upscale hotels keep their décor clean and uncluttered. The rooms we stay in get their style from carpet, wallpaper, curtains, and artwork hung on the walls, while the surfaces are kept open and free from stuff. When you open the door to a hotel room and immediately feel relaxed, you are reacting to the complete lack of clutter. Try to incorporate some of these lessons from travel into your life at home. Pare down your wardrobe and toiletries to just your favorites. Get rid of the items you don’t use or love. Keep your surfaces clear of clutter. And when you’re strugging to find the motivation to do this work, think about how good you feel on vacation. Set a goal to make your home feel as calm and inviting as a luxury hotel room, and schedule the time to make it happen. You just might find your home becomes your happy place!

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