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Unconventional Living Room Layouts to Freshen Up Your Space

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I spent some time this weekend rearranging my living room furniture, and I’m always surprised at how doing so provides a totally fresh perspective on my space and the things I own. Trying a different layout is the easiest and cheapest solution for changing up the look of your home. If you would like to mix up your floor plan but are stumped for ideas, here are some not-so-obvious ways to arrange your living room.

floating furniture

source 1. Floating floor plan – If you have a large room or an open floor plan, floating your sofa or a pair of chairs in the center of the space can help to divide the area into zones for different uses. Moving furniture away from the walls has the added benefit of creating a more comfortable conversation area. If the back of your sofa is in a prominent place, adding a slim console table behind it will make it feel more intentional and provide a surface to add lighting and accessories.

diagonal furniture

source 2. On the diagonal – Arranging furniture on the diagonal won’t work for every space, but if you have a large room that you need to fill this can be a good solution. While diagonal floor plans make less efficient use of the space, they are dynamic and unexpected. Start with an area rug placed on an angle and arrange your furniture around the it for the best effect.

no sofa living room

source 3. Ditch the sofa – Looking for a truly unconventional idea for your living room? Try getting rid of the sofa! Smaller, square rooms (or a square segment of a larger space) can be furnished easily with 2-4 chairs arranged around a large coffee table. This works great for spaces where reading or conversation is the focus.

no television living room

source 4. No TV allowed – The television usually dictates the layout in a living room because it needs to be attached to one wall with seating surrounding it. Ask yourself if the TV needs to be a part of the space you are arranging, or if it could be relocated to another spot in your home. By removing the television you will free up many new possibilities for seating arrangements, and the focal point can be a gorgeous fireplace or the view outdoors.

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