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3 Stylish Ways to Display Your Books

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Books are the perfect accessory for your home. They add warmth and personality to your space while reflecting your interests and passions. Most of us already have a collection of books on hand, so why not use them in our decorating? Here are three tips to help you create a stylish display with your own library.

rainbow bookshelf

source 1. Rethink your shelves – Bookshelves can look messy and contribute to visual clutter in a space. While serious bibliophiles might insist on arranging alphabetically or by subject, grouping your collection by the physical characteristics of the books can be surprisingly satisfying. Try organizing your books by size or color to make your shelves look more uniform. The simple act of rearranging your books can also help to rediscover old favorites and weed out the items you won’t ever reread.

effortless bookshelf

source Another tip for making your bookshelves look more interesting is to alternate your stacks standing up and laying flat. This not only makes for a more varied arrangement, it creates flat surfaces to add interesting objects amongst your collection.

coffee table books

source 2. Tabletop groupings – If the surfaces in your home are looking bare, raiding your book collection can bring color and interest to your tabletops without spending any money! Select two or three pretty books and add an item on top for an easy styled grouping.

book stack

source 3. Stacks on stacks – Large books can look great neatly stacked on the floor underneath a coffee table or console. A tall enough group can even serve as a side table! I love how this example below uses National Geographic magazines to bring a pop of yellow to an otherwise stark white space.

books as decoration

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