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Your life is changing: It's time to figure out what you want this next chapter to look like and what you will need for where you are going!

This webcourse will teach you to declutter the things in your home that are keeping you stuck in the past so that you feel ready to handle the big changes of middle age and beyond!

Getting older is tough, especially for women.  And it’s not just our bodies that are changing; our kids don’t need us like they used to and we have to figure out who we are in this new phase of life. 

Letting go of all the stuff from the past few decades can be difficult. Are we really supposed to just toss all the artwork our kids made for us? What about the stuff we’ve inherited from our parents? How do we part with things that are a part of our history?

We hear that we should look for what “sparks joy”, but there are emotions tied up in your stuff that makes this so complicated. It's not a yes or no question.


This isn’t just about buying the right containers, cleaning out the basement, or filing all that paperwork. It’s about choosing what has a place in your life and letting go of the rest.

Ready to clear away the clutter that is weighing you down and confidently step into your

next chapter of life?

Hi, I'm Carrie!


I'm a professional organizer and I help people manage their stuff as they navigate their big life changes. I went through a really difficult life transition myself in my late 20s after my dad died and I got divorced. I moved out of a big house in the suburbs that I could barely afford to start over in a small 1-bedroom apartment taking only the basics with me. By society's standards I had taken a big step backwards, but instead of feeling like a failure that period of forced minimalism gave me the mental and emotional space I needed to grieve my big losses and figure out what I wanted to do next. Now, I teach others how to clear away the clutter that holds them back so they can step fully into the life they want.


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... and I'm Nicole!

I’ve been a psychotherapist for almost 30 years, and many of my clients talk about feeling trapped amongst all of their stuff--and their kid’s stuff when they leave home. They really want to clear out the clutter, but it’s too overwhelming and comes with so many mixed feelings. I can relate. As a big time knitter, my “stash” just grows and grows. And it’s not just the yarn. It’s the candle making stuff, the stamps, the material, and the paints. I just couldn’t imagine throwing all that money down the drain, but I was also having a hard time walking in my basement. I know how difficult it is to go through your things and weed them out. But the feeling of space and clarity I get from decluttering is so much better than having my own crafting supply store that I rarely use. And now I can use my basement and actually find things!


The webcourse Too Much STUFF! includes:

Four video lessons with Carrie and Nicole
     Lesson 1: Motivation; Why am I doing this?
     Lesson 2: Aging; How can I reinvent myself?
     Lesson 3: Identity; Who am I now?
     Lesson 4: Obstacles; What is in my way?


A printable 10-page workbook with questions and exercises to help you make the most of each lesson


COURSE BONUS: How to Declutter, a quick step-by-step guide to getting started (printable PDF)


COURSE BONUS: Easy Ways to Stay Organized, full of quick tips to help you purge painlessly (printable PDF)


COURSE BONUS: Additional Resources to help keep you on track (printable PDF)


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I've been thinking a lot about your tips which have stopped me from overbuying or getting objects that will be clutter for someone else once the holidays are over. That cute reindeer mug? PASS! Those adorable seasonal tea towels? NOPE! It has really cut back on impulse buys because of sales.

-- Lindsay Bell


This course is for you if...

  • You’re tripping over clutter from your past and it brings up negative experiences you'd rather not be reminded of every day.


  • You want to get organized and maybe have all the baskets and boxes to do so, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.


  • Every time you sit down to relax you remember your packed basement, garage, or guest room that's in no shape for guests and feel guilty for not taking care of it.


  • You’ve read all the books and blogs about decluttering but you still can’t get motivated to do the work.


  • You promise yourself that you’re going to clean out your closets but after a few minutes  you get discouraged and put on Netflix instead.


  • You’re ready to create your new life, but your home is full of things from your past that are keeping you from moving forward.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • How to clear the clutter from your home so you can actually relax and enjoy your space.


  • Ways to dig deep to tackle the underlying issues for why you are hanging on to stuff so that you’re able to part with the things that no longer serve you without worrying that you’ll regret it later.

  • Simple but effective ways to stay calm and focused when you are addressing your clutter because we know how much emotion is tied to our things.

  • Address the special concerns of people at middle age and beyond who are transitioning to a new phase in life and need their home to support those changes.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I never wanted to open that closet door and now I'm excited to open it. It's the little things!

-- Michele Kmieczak

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By the end you will:

Have a clear plan for how to address the stuff you have accumulated over a lifetime.


Feel motivated to do the work of getting rid of the things that don’t have a place in your life.


Identify the obstacles that are holding you back from decluttering and have practical tips for moving past them.


Get rid of the clutter that is stressing you out and keeping you stuck in the past.


Have a space that you love spending time in that allows you to think, reflect and be present.

Your next chapter is here!

Are you ready to clear out the clutter and create a space that supports your amazing new life?

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